‘Fax boss calls for review of 1895 Cup after “Mickey Mouse game”

Halifax head coach Simon Grix has called for the RFL to review the 1895 Cup ahead of next season, after watching his weakened side crash out of the tournament in a difficult mid-week clash.

‘Fax booked their place in the semi-finals of the Coral Challenge Cup, beating Bradford on Sunday 2nd June before fielding a second string side four days later and were expectedly hammered by Sheffield.

With the scheduling of the competition making it virtually impossible to be competitive in Grix’s eyes, he called for a re-think of a competition he thinks has a lot of potential moving forward.

“You’ve got to question it being in midweek. If anyone thinks clubs are taking it seriously, then they should look at ours and Bradford’s results,” he told League Express.

“It needs a rethink. I think the original idea where the final would be played before the Challenge Cup, everyone got on board with.

“The game against Sheffield cost us as a club – not a lot, but enough, because who wants to turn out for what was a borderline Mickey Mouse game?”


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