Ganson issues serious warning over referee harassment

In the latest edition of League Express, the RFL’s Match Officials Director Steve Ganson has issued a strong warning to clubs over recent issues with on-field dissent.

Ganson has spoken out in the aftermath of trouble both on and off the field at the Catalans vs Warrington clash last weekend, where fighting between players was followed by similar scenes in the stands.

With dissent towards referees identified as a growing issue approaching the business end of the season, Ganson was keen to point out players and coaches could face significant suspensions and punishments from the RFL.

“We’ve seen a worrying trend emerging, where certain players seem to feel it is their right to question, to argue, or in extreme cases to engage in a running battle with match officials,” he said.

“Dissent towards the match officials will not be tolerated. It’s up to the players and if they choose to do it, they should expect the consequences.”

2 Replies to “Ganson issues serious warning over referee harassment”

  1. We Live in a Blame culture. If you play the game then accept the rules. I got sick to death of touchline experts who need enjoy and shout ,but have a bit more humility the watching. “IT IS SPORT,NOT LIFE & DEATH”, just enjoy our great Sport and cut out this Blame Game.!!!

  2. the refs don’t get a fare crack as he is alone in the middle I feel the criticism ìs with the line judges who in my opinion need to help by being more involved the see a little bit more than the ref from various positions on the pitch this using a players face to get up from a tackle various other offences

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