Hetherington re-affirms backing of Sinfield

In a statement issued this morning, Leeds chief executive Gary Hetherington has re-affirmed his backing of head of rugby operations Kevin Sinfield.

His words come following the Rhinos’ exit from the Challenge Cup at the hands of Bradford, and amid a period of on-field turmoil for the club.

He said: “The responsibility starts with the Board of Directors and as Chief Executive I can assure everyone, we are fully focussed on doing whatever is necessary to bring about a change in our fortunes.

“And this includes supporting and backing our Senior Management.

“In this regards, Kevin Sinfield as head of our Rugby operations has already shown his leadership qualities by making some tough decisions.

“The easy and soft decisions for Managers when confronted with problems is to leave them and let things drift and it takes one with a strength of character and interest in what is best for the organisation to grasp the nettle and make a tough call, which often can be an unpopular one too.

“We are fortunate to have Kevin at this difficult time for our club.

“He has assembled a top-class backroom staff and made changes and improvements which will bear fruit in the future.

“He cares passionately about our organisation, he understands our values, in fact, he has been instrumental in establishing these over the past 20-years, and he has a clear-sighted vision for our future and what we need to do to achieve our goals.

“In all my time in the game, I have never worked with anyone with as much focus and determination to succeed as Kevin and I know the pain he is enduring at present.

“What he and all our Management need most of all is support.

“This will certainly be provided by me and our Board and I hope all our fans can do the same.”

Hetherington also assured supporters that a team re-build is a priority as the club prepares to open the new North Stand at Headingley


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