Interactive map – Pan-European league announces clubs for 2019

An incredible 14 teams from eight different countries will compete in the 2019 Balkan Super League.

And for the first time, the competition will include a club from Italy, Lignano Sharks.

The teams, from Serbia, Greece, Italy, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Turkey, Bulgaria and Montenegro are divided into four groups, made up of two divisions and two sub-groups.

More than 1,500 miles separate Italy’s Lignano and Turkey’s Ankara, the competition’s two most distant teams.

BSL commissioner Dragan Pavlovic said: “After months of open discussion amongst the participating clubs and federations involved, we have shaped this year’s format and are confident that it will produce the best championship so far.

We are returning all the previous countries involved, while the major addition is having Italian rugby included with Lignano.”

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