McDermott addresses Argyle allegations and resignation

Toronto coach Brian McDermott has addressed the recent controversy involving the club’s owner, David Argyle.

Argyle announced on Saturday that he will effectively “fire himself”, following allegations of racist conduct made about him by Jose Kenga.

“There have been some difficulties there and sometimes the answer is to just get out there and play,” McDermott told Sky Sports after the game

“I know there’s a lot of controversy involved with David Argyle at the moment and I’d just like to say that we’re abiding by the RFL’s investigation.

“We’ll be compliant with everything there.

“Also I just want to give David Argyle some recognition for the stand he’s made.

“He’s made a huge call by standing down and, again, we recognise that what he said was unacceptable.

“He’s said that straight away and I don’t know if giving him credit’s the right word, but we should recognise that.”

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