NRL’s Barba preaching is “deeply disturbing”, says Kiwi chairman

Bradford Bulls chairman Andrew Chalmers has criticised the NRL’s response to the latest allegations surrounding Ben Barba.

Barba has been de-registered by the NRL after CCTV footage emerged that reportedly depicts the player acting violently.

“Let me say at the outset, no right-minded person can possibly condone domestic violence, from either party in a relationship, so this is categorically not a defence of Barba’s purported actions,” said Chalmers, writing in his latest Telegraph & Argus column.

“However, there is something deeply disturbing about NRL CEO Todd Greenberg preaching to TV cameras that he has already taken strong action, and that Barba’s NRL career is over, while then confirming he hasn’t even seen the evidence or video.

“No trial, no investigation, just a pre-ordained summary execution, or should I say global incineration of Super League’s celebrated superman. What does that actually say? How far should a sport look to extend its influence and the application of the rule of law?

“It’s not a doping breach, or betting on the contest or salary cap cheating. It’s an issue that should be left to the appropriate law enforcement authorities as applicable.

“The NRL, or should I say Greenberg, seem to me to have taken on the world’s problems, threatening bans for players for all kinds of off-field behaviour.”

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