Reports: New club’s bid for League 1 entry knocked back

Reports in Monday’s League Express suggest that a bid from a Manchester club to enter League 1 has been knocked back by the RFL.

Manchester Rangers currently compete in the North West Men’s League, but their ownership has stated its ambitions to join League 1.

However, club director Phil Fitton reports that the RFL’s request of a £500,000 bond has stifled their hopes of making the step up.

“[One option] was to make this appeal to local League 1 and Championship clubs, and in order to do this he suggested that we put a £500,000 bond into an escrow account so that if we went defunct over a certain time, we would forgo that money,” Fitton told League Express.

“When you take into account the level of investment in League 1 clubs, it would have taken us ten years to get that money back.”


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