Saints journalist questions Wire’s ‘bad blood’ marketing

A St Helens reporter has advised caution in reaction to Warrington’s ‘bad blood’ marketing campaign pushing tomorrow’s match between the Wolves and Wigan.

St Helens Star journalist Mike Critchley reflected on his time as a reporter in the West Midlands, noting the rivalry that recently spilled over onto the field this past weekend during the Birmingham and Aston Villa match.

And he is eager for Rugby League to avoid stirring up similar hostilities.

“[…] In some aspects the rudeness, anger and anonymous trolling that occurs in social media spills over into the real world, whether that is sport or politics,” says Critchley.

“We need to get a grip. In rugby league we can’t sit back smugly and take it for granted and say it wouldn’t happen here.

“That is why I winced a bit when seeing Wire v Wigan being billed as ‘bad blood’.”

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