Leeds boss Richard Agar says his players struggled to manage their own erratic display following tonight’s home defeat against Hull FC.

The Rhinos were soundly beaten in wet conditions at Headingley and Agar admits that his players lost their grip on the game after failing to turn pressure into points during the early stages.

He told Sky Sports’ Stephen Owen: “I thought we had real clear cut chances in the opening 10 or 15 minutes which we should have absolutely put away.

“That could have put a different slant on the game, but from there on in the tries were conceded were really poor by our own standards.

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“We adopted a really erratic nature into our play after we let that first try in, for a good 20 minutes, and by the time that was over we were pretty much out of the game.

“Credit to Hull. They completed very high, as they always do, and they kicked exceptionally well.

“They put us under pressure and they were a few tired bodies there for us that maybe tried to take a few shortcuts.”

Agar conceded that his team was well beaten in the middle of park, amid speculation that the club is eager to recruit a marquee forward.

“We got well beaten in that area but in the early stages of the game, when we were going set for set, I didn’t think it was too much of a problem.

“But it was the weight of possession and position, the lack of errors from them and the errors from us, that really cost us.”

On the prospect of a new addition, Agar reported: “It certainly won’t be this week, but we’re looking and we’ve made it pretty plain that we want to strengthen our middle.

“It’s vitally important that we get the right man and, while we were well beaten tonight, there are certainly no knee-jerk reactions from us.

“We haven’t performed in a lot of areas, but we have a lot of faith in these guys that they’re smart enough and honest enough to fix that going along.

“When the time comes to get a new player, hopefully we can get the right one that will strengthen us.”