Richard Agar has explained how he has been moved by a gesture from a total stranger, as part of the efforts to support Rob Burrow.

The whole sport has rallied behind Burrow following his motor neurone disease diagnosis and Leeds boss Agar says his father, Allan, was visited by a supporter eager to show their own support.

He explained: “So many people, with absolutely no connection to the club, are wanting to contribute to the efforts.

“I had somebody knock on my father’s door on Christmas Eve with £150 they’d collected in the pub that afternoon, just a complete stranger.

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“He asked my dad if he’d give it to his son to take in and contribute to the fund. 

“It’s been overwhelming, the response, and we want it to have a galvanising effect on us and Rob during the whole of this year.”

Agar added: “There are probably better people in this club to talk about some of that stuff, because they’ve had a generation or even two generations of being together.

“But I’ve worked with Rob for the last 18 months and it’s been such a huge shock to everyone.

“There was a lot of upset in the camp when we got the news broken, but we’re hoping to has a galvanising effect.

“We know it’s going to be a challenge, but some of the things I’ve seen and witnessed over the last week have shown how much support he has.”