Barrow chairman Steve Neale has told supporters he will step aside if members with to elect “a better man for the job”, while promising a vision for the future.

The Raiders’ defeat to Bradford on Sunday has all but confirmed their relegation to League 1.

And Neale, who has recently been away on holiday, has expressed his gratitude to the club’s volunteers and staff following a difficult few months.

He said: “I have just returned from holiday and seen the meltdown on social media.

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“In response to some of the things I have read I firstly want to say what a fantastic job our volunteers do for our club.

“I think I do try to thank you but I appreciate I have probably missed loads of you that do sterling work behind the scenes.

“I also want to thank the board of directors who put in many unpaid hours.

“In the last year they have all stepped up and the output from them is immeasurable compared to when I first joined the board.

“I also want to thank the paid staff, including those from the Lottery office , who again do a tremendous job.

“This includes the players, coaches and medical staff. This season it looks as though we have fallen short, bar a miracle, but the effort and commitment has never wavered.

“We are trying to run a club with close to a million pound turnover on a voluntary, part-time basis.

“In some respects it’s a miracle how well we do and that is testimony to all those people mentioned above in addition to our loyal fans and commercial friends.

“I have spent some planning time whilst away considering all the possible improvements that we can make as a club and I am determined to make those improvements so that we can return as a stronger club if I have the backing of our supporters.

“I continually have said that this is not my club but I am lucky that I have been trusted to provide direction.

“I know that co-operation and communication can improve and I will try to facilitate that.

“We have our AGM on Thursday and if the members decide they want to elect a better man for the job then that is fine but if they want me to continue then I would be happy to share my vision for the future.”