Bulls issue statement following pensions issue, submit budget to RFL

Bradford have released a statement admitting that they may not have properly implemented the nationwide Workplace Pensions scheme at the club.

The Bulls have apologised “unreservedly” for the error, following reports yesterday that at least one player has requested a contract termination.

But the club contests that the error is not cause for claims of a breach of contract.

The statement says: “This administrative error is being thoroughly reviewed and is being regularised.

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“The situation has, unfortunately, been made more complicated by the recent site removal and office archiving, which is making document retrieval more difficult, but the club commits to rectifying the situation.

“No loss will be suffered by anyone and the club does not accept that this administrative oversight is cause for claims of breach of contract.”

The club adds that it held a positive meeting with the RFL on Friday towards the Bulls coming out of special measures.

“Separately, the club on Friday had a positive meeting with the RFL and submitted a revised budget for the 2020 season.

“The club is hopeful that the information contained within will be sufficient to remove the special measures provision that currently exists.”

The statement closes with an update on the Bulls’ hopes of the club returning to the city “as soon as possible” as they prepare for a temporary switch to Dewsbury in 2020.

“Finally, the club also had an extremely positive meeting with the Local Authority, Judith Cummins (Bradford South MP) and the RFL, also on Friday.

“A number of constructive ideas were discussed and while the club is totally committed to making a success of the 2020 season at Dewsbury.

“Ideas were exchanged to begin the process of “Bringing the Bulls Back to Bradford” as soon as possible thereafter.

“The club thanks all supporters for their patience at this time as we work towards a positive future.”