Castleford’s head physio Matt Crowther has explained how Greg Eden was able to play on, despite appearing to hyper-extend his knee in the Tigers’ match against Toronto.

TV pictures captured the moment Eden’s knee appeared to bend backwards and viewers were astounded to see him play on.

Crowther says Eden has a history with that particular issue and insists there’s no cause for alarm, but confirmed the winger will undergo further assessment.

He said: “People will have seen on TV the massive hyper extension knee and it’s something he’s had since he was a kid.

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“His knee does go into a very awkward position, he’s done it a couple of times throughout his career and it’s why he played on and feeling like he was fine.

“I wasn’t too sure when I watched the replay back and it looked horrendous, so we’ve put him in a brace and taken him for a scan.

“He’s damaged his capsule at the back of his knee, and you would expect that he’s going to have some trauma there, so we’re going to see a specialist and we’ll know more then.

“The good news is that every single ligament in his knee is perfect and intact which is amazing when you see that injury back.”