Bradford chairman Andrew Chalmers’ believes the club’s departure from Odsal offers an opportunity to protect the ground for future generations.

The Bulls will play home games at The Tetley’s Stadium next season and Chalmers has stated his ambitions to build a new ground in Bradford.

But in his latest Telegraph & Argus column, the Kiwi expressed his desire to see Odsal preserved.

He said: “Acting as custodians is essential.

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“The RFL should not hold the leasehold interest in Odsal Stadium, and I think the Bradford Council needs to probably relinquish the freehold interest as well. Not to me.

“I didn’t fly around the world to own a stadium, but perhaps owned and controlled by a trust or community entity that could safe guard and raise funds to upgrade Odsal Stadium.

“I’m not thinking a Superdome, more a cost effective refit and refresh.

“We need to protect the sanctity of Old Lady Odsal, but it will take people putting their hands up and saying – ‘I want to help’.

“Perhaps we need to form a new body – the Guardians of Odsal. To protect the ground and stadium from others – including club owners.

“I will be interested in your views as to how best to protect Odsal Stadium for future generations.”