One of the players directly affected by the new fixture format that will see Championship and League 1 clubs play the Wednesday after Easter in 2020 has criticised the move.

Championship matches will be staged on Good Friday (10th), Wednesday (15th) and Sunday 19th April, meaning many players will play three matches in ten days.

And the new schedule has been criticised by Sheffield half-back Anthony Thackeray, who is particularly frustrated by a lack of consistency following the Easter schedule being relaxed for Super League clubs.

He said: “So let me get this right, The RFL pull the double Easter fixture for full-time pros, but the part time-clubs have to play three games in a week still?

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“That’s on on top of going to work and making time for the family.

“They harp on about player welfare, remove it for Super League clubs but not part-time players.

“We go to work for 40 hours minimum, train on a night, travel. It’s a joke to just look after the top tier.

“It’s not just one team that’s hard done to here, any part-time club playing three games in a week is madness.

“They realise it for full time, but part-time are OK to do it?”