The Leeds players have received a briefing from club doctor Ronnie Banjeree following the club’s decision to postpone this weekend’s trip to face Catalans in Perpignan.

The game had been due to take place behind closed doors but has now been cancelled after one of the Leeds players showed symptoms of having contracted the virus.

The club said: “The player is being managed in line with the current Department of Health guidance and subsequent steps for the rest of the squad, if necessary, will be advised by the Rhinos medical team in conjunction with the NHS.

“It was decided by the RFL Board on Tuesday that the game should go ahead behind closed doors after the French authorities banned gatherings of over 1,000 spectators.

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“However, both clubs have remained in regular dialogue since then and, following the latest development, it was decided that the team should not travel to Spain and France this weekend.”

The RFL said: “We have been advised by Leeds Rhinos that they will not be travelling to France to fulfil their scheduled fixture against Catalans Dragons.

“The consequences of this decision on the match, and any sanction, will be determined by the RFL Board.”

Leeds director of rugby Kevin Sinfield said: “We are disappointed to be in a position whereby we have had to make this decision but the health and wellbeing of everyone is our paramount concern, particularly with us having to fly to fulfil the fixture.”

Following the news Dr Banjeree addressed the players and answered their questions.

He said: “Everyone’s obviously got a lot of questions and everyone’s been having little words to each other, coming to me and the other staff about what’s going on.

“I’m here to answer what I can about it, and as you can see from the news and telly, it’s a continuously changing process.

“This means that what might have been OK at the beginning of the week has changed now and what I might say could be different to what the government says in a few hours’ time.

“It’s a virus and it can be anything from 0 to 14 days in somebody’s system, so that’s why you hear of people self-isolating for two weeks.

“The average is generally three to six days, but it can be longer.

“From the testing side, it’s a bit more complicated and it’s not as simple as me giving out tests every day and getting the results back right away.

“That’s not the case. If I test you now it could take 24 to 48 hours to get the results back, and that’s if it’s positive.

“If it’s negative then it can take up to five days.

“The people who are most at risk are those who are over the age of 80, as well as people with chronic conditions, people with breathing problems, people have chemotherapy.

“If you have a young kid who’s fit and well then I wouldn’t say a great deal about that, but if it’s a child who has a great deal of medical conditions then it’s a different story.

“If me or any of you lot had it then we’d all be fine, it’s just about containing it and protecting those people who are more at risk.

“That’s why you want to contain it. It doesn’t matter so much about any of us getting it; you have to be reassured that you will survive it and you will be completely fine.

“It will be the other people who are more affected, which is why you have the guidance about the mass gatherings.

“If you do get it and you get better from it then the risk is gone.

“If I had it today then I’d treat it by self-isolating, treating it by eating well and getting lots of fluids, and then after two weeks I’d get tested.

“If that comes back negative then that’s fine and I’m fine to be released back into civilization.

“I would say if you’re sending your kids to nursery then everything is normal unless you are told otherwise.

“I think things will change. What’s happened at the beginning of the week is different to now, which will be different to two weeks’ time.

“At the moment we’re following advice and carrying on as normal in our daily lives where possible, until we’re told otherwise.

“The main thing from my side, to allay your fears on it, and I’ve already said it, is that you’d all be fine.

“The second thing to say is that the club is looking after your health and the players’ health is the main thing in all of it.

“If there are any issues you experience then obviously call us. That’s what we’re here for.”