Clubb to face no further action

Wigan’s Tony Clubb will face no further disciplinary action after the panel examined two incidents that involved him in the Warriors’ win over Salford on Friday.

Representatives of the Red Devils called for action to be taken after Jackson Hastings suffered an eye injury following a coming-together between the pair, though Hastings revealed the two resolved the matter amicably after full-time.

The panel investigated an incident in the 61st minute and noted: “The player comes into contact on opponent as opponent is in the act of scoring a try.

“Forearm to the back of the shoulders bounces up and onto opponent’s head.

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“Player demonstrates open hand. Worthy of on-field penalty.”

A second incident in the 74th minute, also involving Clubb and Hastings, was looked at. The panel found: “Player makes contact on the opponent after the ball is kicked.

“Player and opponent come together head to head.

“Player is pushed by opponent and player swipes towards head area of

“Any contact with opponent is not conclusive in the footage.

“Opponent plays on and is involved in two further contacts.

“Opponent then reacts and feels eye area following contact in the second tackle after the incident.

“Incident not reported to the referee on-field. Club do not submit further information.”

The result of the investigations means Clubb is free to play in the Warriors’ trip to face St Helens on Friday.

Elsewhere, Castleford’s Liam Watts escaped a ban after being charged with a Grade A trip, while Salford’s Logan Tomkins received a caution for the same offence.