Thursday 19 March

Wakefield Trinity chairman Michael Carter has admitted the clubs have discussed the idea of playing games behind closed doors televised by Sky should the financial situation of the sport worsen further due to the coronavirus, which could happen in May: “At this stage, I don’t think anything is off the table. Obviously we have got contractual obligations with Sky. We need to have a certain amount of games on, they’re struggling for live content and the NRL have done it (played behind closed doors) this weekend. If there’s no health issue to doing it then it may be a possibility we will have to consider,” he told The Yorkshire Post’s Dave Craven.


Derek Beaumont’s admits a big  concern to rugby league clubs in the midst of a suspended season is the patience of fans running out and starting to reclaim their season tickets. He told the club website: “The biggest threat to any club would be if people wanted to start reclaiming their season tickets which ultimately they’d be entitled to do but ultimately they’d be bringing down the thing that they want to support. They tend to be your ‘hard core’ fans so we’d be asking them for patience.”

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Eamonn McManus says that despite the whole of rugby league facing incredible challenges financially, the current Super League champions remain in a strong position to handle the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. “The current situation is obviously fluid but we are privileged to be in a really strong position financially when other may not be. We’re facing real challenges but we are handling them very well to date. We saw problems as they were unfolding perhaps a little bit earlier than other and have been to adapt internally,” he said to Saints official website.