Dwyer proposes changes to Super League, including Magic Nines

Leeds hooker Brad Dwyer has called for the Magic Weekend to be transformed into a Nines competition, and for Super League loop fixtures to be scrapped.

The Nines World Cup kicked off in Australia this morning and many believe the concept should be re-examined at club level in the UK.

Dwyer said: “Turn Magic Weekend into a Nines competition – more chance of attracting new fans with it being faster and more entertaining.

“Seeing some of our superstars play with more space around them, like the Dubai 7s – how many people knew of rugby there? And that’s a success.

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The former Wire dummy half added: “Limit Super League to just playing each other home and away then play-offs, instead of half the teams three times and half twice, which would turn it into a fairer competition – and allow us to play the World Club Challenge in the same year with the teams that win the comp.

“It will also save players’ bodies from too many games –  player welfare in mind for once – and give us more time to grow the international game with comps like the Nines, and the Lions tours.

“Everyone knows that’s the only way the game will grow – by more interest in the international game.”