Ellis explains facial injury that required 40 stitches

Hull FC veteran forward Gareth Ellis has explained the circumstances in his Yorkshire Post column that led him to need 40 stitches to two significant lacerations around his eye.

Ellis made a return to action after eight weeks out off the bench against St Helens, but his return was short lived as a head clash with teammate Danny Houghton left him with significant cuts above and below his right eye.

A long and gruelling trip to A & E in Hull resulted in the former Great Britain international getting attended to by specialist facial surgeons to repair the damage, with Ellis now hopeful of playing against London this week.

“He (Houghton) just got a bit in front of me, Junior Paulo went in between us, he kept swinging around on the left-hand side and I went swinging from the right.” he said.

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“My eye socket went straight into the top of his head so I came away with about 40 stitches – including some internal ones – and he had three butterfly stitches on the top of his head. I think I came off worse.

“I ended up getting stitched by the facial surgeons in A&E which is an interesting place on a Friday night in Hull at 11pm and moving into the early hours…

“If it starts to heal and it doesn’t feel like it’s pulling or ripping apart there is a chance I could be right for Thursday,” he added.

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