Experienced Roby accepts benefits of resting niggles

St Helens captain James Roby will return to action this week at the Dacia Magic Weekend after having a week off to rest some minor knocks, lauding the benefits of doing so despite admitting he could have played last week.

The 33 year old has been one of the most durable players of the modern era but admitted that now, given his age, for games he perhaps could have pushed to play in he’s taken the opportunity to rest up whilst also giving an opportunity to understudy Aaron Smith to get vital game time.

“I would rather play every game, but I am at an age now where I realise that it may be better to miss a game, like last week, so that I am right for this week,” he said.

“I don’t stress about not playing as long as I make sure I am right for the week after.

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“Plus at the same time it is giving Aaron Smith more game time and that in turn is giving more trust in him from the staff, club and supporters.”

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