Featherstone CEO Davide Longo says he’ll do whatever it takes to rid the club of its recent fan issues, even if that means playing a game behind closed doors or banning the sale of alcohol on match days.

Rovers are investigating an incident that occurred following yesterday’s defeat to Toulouse, which Longo has confirmed relates to a supporter abusing a match official, and have banned supporters already this season.

Longo told BBC Radio Leeds’ James Deighton: “It’s just an incident where a fan’s said something out of turn to a match official after the game. We’re zero tolerance for this now.

“We’ve had our troubles across the season and now we’ve made it clear to the fans that we’re not going to tolerate that sort of behaviour.

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“We’re still investigating it and I have a few meetings to have tomorrow morning, but certainly we’ll issue another statement.

He added: “It brings the club into disrepute. We’re trying to protect the family image of the sport.

“We’re not saying that Featherstone is squeaky clean and other clubs have their issues, but we’re not going to tolerate it.

“We’ve banned three of the fans and I’ve threatened the supporters that if it was to continue we’d look at playing games behind closed doors or banning alcohol.

“If that’s what it takes to get rid of the people who are letting us down then we’re going to do it.”