Fev fans stranded in Iceland

A number of Featherstone fans have found themselves stranded in Iceland after their connecting flight to Canada was cancelled.

After travelling to see their side in Toulouse last weekend, many Rovers fans shelled out for tickets to travel to Toronto for the Championship Grand Final.

But while many have arrived on time, at least ten are stuck in Iceland, with dwindling hopes of making it to the game on time.

Supporter Holly-Amber Spurr explained: “There are five of us getting flights back to Manchester, just waiting to board, and there are five still trying to get to Toronto.

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“We’ve been stuck here for 15 hours, didn’t get a hotel voucher but found a hotel anyway, stuck in the middle of nowhere and, typically, 24 miles from the closest pub.

“No money in this currency, no European adapters to charge phones, and a massive lack of communication from the airline.

“After we all went to Toulouse last week, I cannot believe this has happened to us.

“I would love to argue this is why we shouldn’t have international teams in our league but I have no energy left.

“Imagine spending just short of £2,000 to get to Iceland and then ending up coming straight back home.

“I really hope the Fev lads do a Salford and smash the Wolfpack just to make our journey worth it.”