Toronto commercial vice president Jon Pallett admits that overcoming cultural differences, including the size of Canadian bacon rashers, has been a factor in providing the best possible experience for visiting teams.

The Wolfpack are preparing for their first season in Super League and Pallett says the club is pulling out all the stops to ensure a pleasant trip for opponents hopping the Atlantic in 2020.

In an exclusive interview with RL News Magazine’s Nicholas Mew, Pallett said:  “I think that cultural difference – like the size of a bacon rasher – was part of [a complaint], but, from that moment, we just paid for double breakfast helpings for all future teams.

“In the airport hotel there’s a buffet breakfast, and the chefs at the hotel know when the rugby teams are playing and they put more food on.

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“We joke about the rugby players raiding the buffet, but in all honesty they come over here to play a game of professional rugby league, so they need to be fed well.

“The last thing we’d want to happen when we’re hosting a team is to be put on the back foot and under pressure due to a complaint about food the day before the game, because that sort of thing gets all over social media.

“We’ve got to win the hearts and minds of Super League teams, so the last thing we’re going to do is cut some corners or costs, and risk an argument, a social media storm or a complaint to the league.”

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