An ITV Calendar journalist claims he was the subject of racist abuse while reporting at Saturday’s Challenge Cup semi-finals double-header.

Arif Ahmed took to Twitter to recount his experience while working at the University of Bolton Stadium.

He explained: “The Challenge Cup final and semi finals were difficult but fun to cover yesterday with four of the six teams coming from the area I report on.

“Ruined for me by a Hull FC fan who told me to ‘f**k off’ (on camera) and ‘f**k off back home’ later on.

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“And a Halifax fan who asked if I was from ‘Bollywood’ and ‘If I fancied him’.

“A shame for The RFL, the two clubs, one who I’ve worked for in the past and the rest of the Rugby League community, who were helpful, great and happy to talk to me after games, regardless if their side won or lost.

“Normally it doesn’t bother me and is a regular occurrence (not just in Rugby League) being an Asian reporter.

“But this one has really annoyed me for some reason.

“When it’s happened in the past you just let it slide, thoughts of ‘what’s the point’, and ‘what will actually be done about it? probably nothing.’ come to mind.

“But there comes a point where you’ve had enough of it.

“I don’t want any sympathy, I’m a big boy I’ll be fine.

“But feel this sort of thing needs to be brought to light, I mean can’t we all just get along?”

The RFL has responded to Ahmed’s account of events.

They Tweeted: “Arif, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

“We have already contacted both clubs, and will be working with them – and you – to identify the culprits.

“These comments, and attitudes, are totally unacceptable in any aspect of Rugby League.”