Bradford coach John Kear and York’s James Ford have reflected on an eventful day at Dewsbury’s Tetley’s Stadium that saw parts of the ground plunged into darkness and the game abandoned before full-time due to an electrical issue.

A floodlight failure at the Bulls’ home for 2020 gave referee Liam Staveley no choice but to march the teams off the field around nine minutes from the end.

The minutes leading up to the abandonment had been punctuated by on-field brawls.

York’s Connor Robinson and Ben Johnston were sent off, while Bradford’s Levy Nzongou, and York’s Joe Porter and Marcus Stock were involved in fisticuffs.

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Bulls boss Kear joked: “Bad light stopped play and we thought we’d won on the Duckworth Lewis system.

“The Dewsbury chairman spoke to me and there’s a been a problem with the grid or something from over the road.

“It wasn’t just a stadium issue, apparently it was a National Grid issue.

“Only half the floodlights were on, which did make it a bit murky, and poor old York didn’t have any lights at all in the dressing room.”

His York counterpart James Ford said: “We struggled for lighting all day, we’d been in the dressing rooms in the dark for an hour and a half before the game.

“At half-time we were in the dark as well – it was like being at a Robbie Williams concert.

“It’s just been a strange day, but it is what it is.”

But, ahead of next Sunday’s first ‘home’ league match against London, Kear added: “It is starting to feel more like home.

“The dressing room was a lot better, the logistical aspect was a lot better, although it’d be nice if we had all the lights on, but that’s up to the National Grid, not Dewsbury.

“It’ll get better week on week and next week it’ll feel more like home to us than it will London, no doubt.”