Steve McNamara says his players must show more resilience in matches on the road next season, while also emphasising the importance of consistency.

Catalans were unable to string positive results together during the latter stages of last year and struggled to earn points on the road.

The Dragons boss said: “We go into every game with a confident mentality – it’s not about being an underdog or whatever – but the fact is that when we go over to play in England our backs are against the wall.

“We need to show some more resilience than we have done in the past to overcome some of those obstacles.

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“Each challenge will be faced by the club and the team, and pre-season is about getting yourself ready for those.”

He added: “Consistency is an area we’re working on and it’s an aspect we need to deal with a little bit better this season.

“As a club, that consistency is about being able to play when you’re favourites and being able to play when you’re not favourites, home or away, whatever the conditions are.

“That’s something that we’re working hard on and time will tell on that.”

The Dragons are deep into preparations for the new season and McNamara says he’s been pleased with the early signs from his squad.

“The players have come in really bright, really sharp and with some great intent, so I couldn’t be happier for them at the moment.

“There was a little bit of rust last week, but we trained Thursday, Friday and Sunday, which helped to get rid of that.

“Physically, after Christmas, I wouldn’t say I was surprised, but I was really pleased with the condition the players came back in.”

McNamara emphasised the importance of providing his players with time off over the festive period, in return for the heavy commitments they make over the course of a season.

He explained: “Without a doubt for us it’s about the balance. You need to be fit, you need to be strong and you need to be healthy going into the season.

“But you need to be mentally fresh as well, and so the Christmas period is really important for our group.

“They do a lot of travelling throughout the season and we take them away from their families every other weekend, which is a big drain on them.

“So to give them some of that time back over Christmas is important for this club.

“I got back to England for just over a week, and it was good to get back home, but once you have Christmas out of the way you want to get back to work.”

Catalans start the Super League season with a home match against Huddersfield on Saturday 1 February.

McNamara confirmed: “We’ll definitely be ready. There’s only so much training you can do and there are only so many opposed sessions you can do.

“We’ve done plenty of that, but that hour before the game when you’re getting strapped and getting ready, feeling those nerves and tension, that’s important for us.

“We’re looking forward to that, but there’s still some work to do before we get to that stage.”