Ben Murdoch-Masila insists the fact Warrington Wolves have not won the league title since 1955 has never played on his mind.

It has been a long time between drinks from when Warrington were crowned champions, and more often than not it is used as a stick to beat the club with.

Murdoch-Masila, who joined Warrington from Salford Red Devils in 2018, says he doesn’t see it as a hoodoo and it believes it is just something for the press to write about.

“It hasn’t really crossed my mind,” Murdoch-Masila told RLNews. “It might with some of the other boys. I think it’s just something for you guys to write about. Our main goal is to get out there, get the two points and be consistent. We can only be the best we can be.

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“We haven’t really sat down as a team and gone through our goals, that is something we’ll do when we go on the team camp in Portugal. Our aim is basically to win the two cups on offer, that’s always the goal. At the moment, we need to find our own DNA as a team, what we play for and what we stand for. We’ll get that sorted out at training camp.

Murdoch-Masila is back in training and he cannot wait to get going on the opening day of the season against Wigan. He also believes that Gareth Widdop, who has been ruled out until week four with an ankle injury, will come back stronger than ever.

He added: “Pre-season has been pretty good. I came back the last week before Christmas, so I’ve not really trained with the boys too much but I’m looking forward to it.

“He (Widdop) was looking pretty sharp when I first came back, it’s a shame that we won’t be seeing Gaz in round one. He’s made it clear that he needs to get himself right and come back raring to go. It takes the pressure off him, rather than us, he can get himself right and come back even better.”

Murdoch-Masila ended 2019 on a high as he was part of the Tonga teams that scored victories over Great Britain and Australia.

He said: “That was one of the best feelings ever. To be honest I didn’t expect to come away with any wins. In my mind, I just went out there to be the best I can be. After we beat Great Britain, it was one of the best feelings ever. The first time for our little nation, then to go on and beat the world champions Australia, it was brilliant.

“No one gave us a chance. I remember watching the replay back home, listening to the commentators giving us no chance. I think Andrew Johns said something like Australia would win by 30 plus points, yeah, he can shove it up his face.

“Our aim is to reach the World Cup Final and win it. We are capable of it,, we have shown that with the wins over Great Britain and Australia.”

After the 16-12 win over Australia in Auckland, Murdoch-Masila’s team-mate Konrad Hurrell marked the occasion with a tattoo with the result on his leg. Murdoch-Masila got some ink himself, but not related to the game as he says that win will always be etched into his heart.

He added: “I was with him when he got it done. I got something different. I got the Tonga area code tattooed on my chest. I wasn’t going to go that too serious about the game like the other boys. I don’t need a tattoo to remind of what I’ve done as a player. It will always be in my heart.

“We got invited back to Tonga, ourselves and our partners. We all went. We walked out of the airport with all the fans there. One thing I did notice was we all had pick-up trucks with our faces on it. That was pretty cool. We had to drive through all the towns in them, it was cool. We now have a public holiday because of the win over Australia, to get those type of honours is pretty special.

“Rugby union is still the national sport in Tonga, but I don’t think the union team gets the same level of treatment that we got. We have been building since the 2017 World Cup, rugby league is definitely growing in Tonga.”