Scott Murrell isn’t ready to make a decision on his future as player beyond the next season, but admits 2020 could be his last.

Murrell is entering into his eight season with Halifax, after having started his career with Leeds and played in Super League with Hull KR.

He told RL NEWS: “I’m 35 this year, and it might be this year, might be next year, we’ll see how it goes.

“If I’m still feeling now as I felt at the start of next year then I’ll play on, if I don’t then it’s time to hang up the boots.

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“But if I don’t play on, I’ll be happy with what I’ve achieved in the game and given to the game.”

Murrell says ‘Fax are aiming for a stronger showing this time around, after tailing off from the play-off race following their excellent Challenge Cup run.

“Our aspirations have to be to be up there in top five and last season was disappointing.

“When you’re season’s ending early and everybody else is playing those big games, you want to be in those big games.

“We’ll take it week by week, but we want to be there at the end of the season.

“We had the run in the Challenge Cup run, which didn’t make up for it, but it was a bit of a bonus.

“It was built up and built up and it probably took a bit out of us after that and we really lost out form in the weeks at the end of the season.

“It was a good personal experience for me to get out there on the big stage.”

Halifax were soundly beaten by Huddersfield as their pre-season preparations continue, and Murrell insists the players will take plenty from the game.

He said: “We faced a very strong Huddersfield and they played very well, got a bit of a roll on, and we couldn’t get that back.

“Once you’re losing that ruck and they’re getting that quick play the ball it’s very hard to stay with them.

“We got some things out of it that we wanted, including a bit of a wake-up call, after putting a strong performance in against Hull FC a week earlier.

“That’s what pre-season is there for, it’s about learning, adapting and working on the things you did wrong during the game.

“That Super League intensity is good, especially for the young kids, they’re playing against Super League stars there and it will only make them and Halifax better for the future.”

Reflecting on his time with the club, Murrell believes ‘Fax are well-placed to continue their development in the years ahead.

And he was quick to pay tribute to the efforts of staff and volunteers off the field.

“I’ve been here eight seasons now and I think we’re moving forward now.

“We had the season when we reached the top four and that funding you receive that really helps you to kick on.

“The people off the field, in the offices, are working really hard, the ‘Fax Trust and the supporters club, they’re holding fundraisers to help us get a better calibre of player in.

“That’s what’s going to get us up there competing and it’s a credit to all of those people.”

Murrell added: “There’s a lot of good rugby players come out of Halifax, people like Jack Connor, he’s an Ovenden lad, so it’s about putting them plans in place.

“There needs to be a structure in place where they can come through and benefit the first team.

“Super League clubs are going to pick some of them up, but there are players who drift under the radar, like Brandon Moore, who got released from Cas three years ago and was named player of the year last year.

“The benefits are there and hopefully that continues.”