The NRL have introduced a number of new rules ahead of the 2020 season.

The proposed changes were approved by the ARL Commission this week and will come into effect from the start of the new campaign and include the following:

The 20/40 kick – A team in possession will earn another set via a tap-kick if they kick the ball from within their own 20-metre zone and find touch within the opposing team’s 40-metre line.

The new scrum rule – The team feeding the ball will have the option of setting the scrum at three locations – 10 metres or 20 metres from the sideline or in the centre of the field, in alignment with the black dot on the crossbar.

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Mutual infringement rule – If a ball accidentally hits a referee or trainer on the field, the play will return for a repeat of the previous play the ball.

Trainers on the field – The time trainers spend on the field will be reduced, with a decision on the specific limitations still to be decided.

Mid air challenges – The act of tackling a player in mid-air will be banned whether the player initiating contact is the attacking player or the defending player.

An in play challenge system – The details will be finalised before the start of the season, but teams will be afforded challenges to refereeing decisions in play.