Former Wigan player and current executive director Kris Radlinksi has paid tribute to the career of Danny McGuire in a handwritten letter.

Radlinski handed McGuire the note, and a gift of a bottle of champagne, to mark the half-back’s final playing appearance at the DW Stadium.

The letter reads: “Danny, I just wanted to congratulate you on a simply wonderful career.

“With this being the last time that you will be at the DW Stadium as a player in your career, I felt it appropriate to pay tribute to you.

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“You have provided many great Super League memories. The one that sticks with me was in 2017.

“Leeds got battered early season by Castleford away. I remember thinking to myself, was this one year too many for yourself?

“You proved everybody wrong by guiding Leeds to another Grand Final win.

“This was a tremendous show of mental strength.

“I wish you nothing but success for the next stage of your career.”

McGuire responded: “I’ve had some tussles with Wigan over the years and it’s fair to say I’m not on their Christmas card list.

“But big thanks to Kris Radlinski for the letter and champers. Really nice of them and much appreciated.”