A coach in the Championship says he has received an apology from referees coach Steve Presley.

The apology relates to a Barrow try ruled out by Gareth Hewer, on the advice of a touch judge, in the Raiders’ recent defeat to Swinton.

Winger Tee Ritson was belatedly called offside after he pounced on a dropped kick.

The try would have reduced Swinton’s lead to two points with a kick to come.

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And Barrow coach Paul Crarey has revealed he received a phone call from former Super League ref Presley, who now works in the RFL’s match officials department.
Crarey told The NWE Mail’s Matt Wright: “He said it was a ‘huge error’ by the officials and he agreed that it was a game-changer, as the game would have gone 18-18, and he’s reviewed it massively with them.

“He’s said it was a try all day long, but that doesn’t help us at all.

“I spoke to him about how, as a team down the bottom, you’re never going the 50-50 calls and people are judging the games before they start on who’s going to win and who they expect to win, and that goes massively against the underdog.

“He was very good, Steve, and it was probably a difficult conversation to have with me, but he had to make it.

“He could have supported the officials, but he didn’t; he told it exactly how it was and it’s a relief for me that they do support the clubs and they do answer the questions that have been given.”