RFL non-executive director Karen Moorhouse has provided an insight into the structure of today’s meeting with clubs to discuss applications from Ottawa and New York to join the league structure.

Moorhouse and RFL CEO Ralph Rimmer addressed members of the media at a press briefing yesterday afternoon.

Ahead of today’s meeting, Moorhouse explained: “We feel it’s important to consult with Championship and League 1 clubs before moving forward with the applications, because they’re our existing members so we need to understand any concerns they have.

“We then factor those concerns into the decision surrounding those clubs entering the competition.

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“The purpose of Thursday is to sit down and get the views of the clubs, and they will be included in the next steps.

“We’re also doing due-diligence surrounding the business plans and ownership of each club, because the budgets are exactly that.

“We need to know that the people putting forward these applications have the financial wherewithal to stand behind them, because there are obviously considerable costs in setting them up.”