Ralph Rimmer has provided an insight into the upcoming milestones for Rugby League in terms of its ongoing broadcasting partnerships, while also shedding light on his working relationship with Super League boss Robert Elstone.

The RFL has invested heavily in the new Our League app, which delivers coverage of Rugby League matches outside of Super League, though Sky remain a key partner of the Championship and will once against show the play-offs and final this year.

RFL chief executive Rimmer believes that the sport’s broadcasting landscape will be clearer by the end of the year, but added: “That’s not based upon any knowledge I have now, it’s based upon what’s happened before.

“I don’t think it’ll be straight-forward and that’s down to the changing media landscape.

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“We’re just in a different place. There’ll be a broadcast partners, I’ve no doubt, and I’m meeting with Robert today about Super League.”

Rimmer confirmed that it is crucial the RFL and Super League work together to the benefit of the whole sport.

“Robert and I meet every fortnight just to talk things through, so we’re moving together as well as having our own platforms that are emerging.

“It’s going to take some thinking about, but the meetings with Robert are positive and we absolutely understand that the sport is strongest when it stands together.

“That’s a fact, and you’re always in danger when you don’t get that, and Robert absolutely does.”

The Our League app has proved popular with supporters, who are now able to access live matches for free from their laptop, phone or tablet, and Rimmer has high hopes for its future.

“I think we’re on about 140,000 subscribers at this moment in time and we’re looking for 200,000 by the end of the year.

“It’s its own little community now and I love getting a text from somebody telling me they’re just lying on a beach on Greece and watching Siddal versus Saddleworth, or whatever it is, and I just think that’s fantastic.

“The thought of that really makes me smile and it just shows how far we’ve travelled.”

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