Sawyer, Wood and Perez plot turnaround as Bulls come out of special measures

Dewsbury chairman Mark Sawyer led an extraordinary meeting held at the Rams’ Tetley’s Stadium home this evening, where he outlined his strategy for reviving the fortunes of Bradford.

Sawyer has been confirmed as a shareholder of Bradford, while remaining the majority shareholder at the Rams.

The sale of shares has been agreed between the new consortium and the old shareholders, and the RFL has confirmed that the Bulls are no longer in special measures.

Sawyer played a prominent role at tonight’s forum, during which Toronto founder Eric Perez was unveiled as interim chairman. Perez is also a part of the consortium behind a proposed new club in Ottawa.

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And there was confirmation that former RFL chief executive Nigel Wood is also on board as a shareholder in the club.

Sawyer told supporters at the meeting: “I’m willing to put my neck on the line to keep this club going.

“We know the debts are there, but we will have a competitive squad. It’s time for the club to step up.

“There’s no ulterior motive for me to be involved, I just love the game, and I believe there’s so much potential here its unbelievable.

“Special measures have suffocated this club, but we are now in a position to move forward.

“I think the rise back will be quicker than you feel. There’s money outstanding, but we will deal with it, and the number one priority is to get back to Bradford.”

The Bulls are still expected to play home games at Dewsbury’s Tetley’s Stadium in 2020.

Wood was not in attendance, but a statement was delivered on his behalf:

“We are lifelong Bradford supporters and have watched closely and sadly at recent events.

“We have been asked if we would assist and we could not stand by. 

“Due to my duties in the sport I cannot and will not be involved in the day to day running, but full confidence is in those leading the club.

“We must bring the Bulls back to Bradford where they belong.”

Meanwhile, Perez insists that his involvement with Bradford as interim chairman will not affect his plans to enter a new Ottawa club in League 1 next season.

He said: “It’s an honour to be working with an iconic brand like the Bradford Bulls.

“I am here on an interim basis to facilitate the transition between the new ownership and the old regime.

“I have been given special dispensation from the RFL to take on the interim chairmanship as Hemel is dormant for the 2020 season, and this in no way undermines the Ottawa club that is slated to enter League One in 2021.”