A Warrington supporters has posted his own detailed personal account of the crowd trouble that marred the Wolves’ clash with Catalans in Perpignan.

Unsavoury scenes on and off the field blighted the closing stages of the contest.

The RFL has handed out sanctions to seven players, while the governing body is working with Super League and the two clubs to investigate violence in the stands.

Many supporters in attendance at the game have already offered their own accounts.

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Twitter user and Warrington season ticket holder @Fatbelly57 has posted his own account of events from the day before the game.

He said: “My wife and I travelled to Perpignan to watch the game against Catalans Dragons. We arrived in Perpignan the day before the game.

“On match day, we were in the centre of Perpignan, where the majority of the Warrington supporters were congregated.

“I mentioned to my wife that in the centre there was a noticeable and visible police presence watching the Warrington supporters.

“This was welcome and the whilst the police kept in the background they were clearly visible.

“I would say that the mood of our supporters was very happy, almost like a festival, with no hint of trouble whatsoever.

“We left for the stadium approximately two hours prior to kick off and caught one of the free buses.

“On the bus and at the stadium both sets of supporters were shaking hands with each other and exchanging wishes of good luck.

“Again, the atmosphere was friendly and festival-like.

“We purchased our tickets from the HJ and were sat on row C behind the sticks with the majority of the Warrington supporters.

“We were sat in front and slightly to the left of where the trouble occurred.

“I noticed that there were only three stewards in our stand and thought at the time this would not be enough given there would be over 2,000 supporters in the stand.

“Significantly, there were no police officers at all either in the stand or in the stadium.

“I mentioned to my wife at the time that this was bad and, if there were to be an incident or emergency, the fact there were no police officers and only three stewards could be significant.

“I feel that the lack of stewards and most importantly there being no police officers was a grave error by the Catalan club and proved to be very significant when the violence started.

“I must say that the three Stewards that were in our stand were excellent they were warm and welcoming, and matched the light-hearted and friendly mood of all supporters.

“The game mostly passed without incident in the stand and there was nothing of note from either set of supporters, other than to say that many Warrington fans had been drinking.

“At the end of the game there were two brawls on the pitch between the players, the second of which was prolonged, and this appeared to greatly incense all supporters.

“The behaviour by the players was unprofessional and was a bad example to set for the supporters.

“Directly after the players fighting, I became aware of a disturbance at the back of our stand.

“I saw Warrington supporters trying to climb up to a balcony area, where there were a smallish number of Catalan supporters.

“The Catalan supporters were gesticulating for the Warrington supporters to calm down and stop climbing up to the balcony.

“I saw bottles being thrown in the air but did not see from which area they came.

“The small number of stewards and total lack of police was now significant and if there had been a Police presence then I feel the incident could have been stopped much sooner.

“On the pitch, I noticed a Catalan player walk over to the Warrington fans and he appeared to be inciting and agitating the situation.

“As to what or who started the trouble I have no idea because I only became aware after the incident had started.

“I have since been told by Warrington supporters who were at the back of the stand that the incident started when a bottle was thrown from the balcony where the Catalan supporters were.

“The violence I did see was being offered by Warrington fans.

“After the game, fans of both club’s were shocked and stunned. A day that was festival in mood ended with violence.

“In summary, prior to the game there was a friendly and happy mood amongst all supporters.  The visible but relaxed Policing in Perpignan centre helped encourage this.

“At the stadium, there was a lack of stewards and no police.

“As I said earlier, the fact there were no police officers was hugely significant.

“I do not know what sparked the incident, but once it started it was the Warrington fans that offered the violence.”