RFL chairman Simon Johnson and vice president Carl Hall were among the participants in a fundraising walk between Odsal and Headingley on an emotional day for Rugby League.

More than 200 people joined the walk in support of Rob Burrow, ahead of the showpiece event on the pitch, which was watched by a capacity crowd.

Over £5,500 was raised for Burrow and ALS Research.

RFL chairman Simon Johnson said: “This has been a great experience and a very heartwarming day.

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“What has happened with Rob is terrible, but to see the Rugby League family come together the way that it has is wonderful.

“Today’s walk has attracted 200 people, which is all credit to the organisers.

“What was really interesting was as we were walking, people were stopping their cars and donating to us through their car window.

“We’ve picked up a lot of money while we’ve been here and that just shows how the whole community has come together in support of Rob, and it shows Rugby League at its best.

“It’s not just the 20,000 people coming to what is effectively a pre-season friendly, you’ve also got the game being televised live on Sky Sports and the production crew, commentary team and camera crew all giving their time for free, which is fantastic.

“Lizzie Jones MBE singing here too, you can really see that the whole family has come together.

“I’m sure Rob can really appreciate what the family has come together to do for him.

Johnson added: “This has been a great experience, good to be a part of and the very least that I can do as chair of the RFL.

“I’m really pleased to have played a part in it.”

RFL vice president Hall said: “When Simon asked me to participate in the walk with him I didn’t hesitate for a second.

“It hit me a little bit later and I wondered what I was doing, but it was all for the little man.

“This time last year Rob was at Doncaster as our guest of honour at our meet the players event, and so this was the least I could do to return the favour.

“I’m over the moon I’ve completed the walk after probably seeing every hour of the night last night worrying about it.

“This is what we do in the game of Rugby League. When there’s anything like this we all come together.

“It doesn’t matter if it had taken 10, 20 hours, we would have done it.”