Watch: Price and Holbrook exchange banter at Wigan vs Warrington clash

Sky Sports pundits and the crowd at the DW Stadium cheered on as Wire coach Steve Price and St Helens coach Justin Holbrook engaged in a humorous interaction on the big screen ahead of their Wembley showdown.

Price’s side were in action against an inform Warriors side, but a break in play for an injury saw the Sky cameras centre on Saints boss Holbrook, who was in attendance to watch the Wolves a week before the two sides meet in the Challenge Cup final next Saturday.

The camera then spun to Price, who jokingly made punching gestures towards Holbrook, who then waved back to Price once the camera came back around. The sequence ended with the camera finding Wigan boss Adrian Lam, who was left laughing and saluting the home crowd in response to the whole situation, which was received in good taste by everyone involved.

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