Yesterday, Eric Perez presented his vision for a new club in Ottawa to Championship and League 1 clubs.

The RFL announced yesterday afternoon that the clubs are broadly is support of the bids.

Here’s what we know so far about Ottawa’s bid:

  • The bid is being fronted by Toronto Wolfpack founder Eric Perez
  • The club is targeting League 1 entry in 2020
  • Perez favours the establishment of a strong player pool and longer-term regional development over promotion to Super League
  • The Ottawa project is being driven in partnership with the Ottawa Sports & Entertainment Group (OSEG)
  • Perez would be willing to relocate back to the UK if his Ottawa bid is unsuccessful
  • The club has 15 owners who “could each fund the business themselves”
  • Former Hemel CEO Dean Thomas in part of the bid
  • A new Ottawa club would not be required to pay a bond as it is a relocation of a current member

Here’s what we know so far about the New York City bid.

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